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Happy Saturday Beauties!

Today I wanted to share with you my Morning Skincare Routine – Something I’m VERY passionate about!

I’m a major product junkie so I feel like I’ve tried EVERY product for oily-combination skin, large pores, etc.  However, many of the items that I love are suitable for ALL skin types! Keep in mind that I am currently pregnant, so I’ve had to limit some ingredients – Definitely focused on non-toxic products and no retinol right now.


I always wash my face in the morning and evening. Both products are gentle & effective – Neither cause breakouts! Leave your face super clean but moisturized!


LOVE these for hydrating my entire face! I hate anything that feels heavy or that will interfere with my foundation/concealer.


As for eyes, on days that I will be wearing makeup (which is most!), I apply THIS product to the under-eye area –

While pricey, THIS item is incredible –

I had been using a sample size & just ran out.. and I miss it!

(I use THIS eye cream at night, but do not care for how it wears under makeup)


This lightweight oil is a total game changer! Love that it absorbs quickly – I typically apply a few drops to my moisturizer. The citrus scent wakes up the skin! This product has made a huge difference in my oil control. It is also great for lightening dark spots/discoloration!


If I have extra time, which is typically on my days off, I will add these additional products to my routine:


Sooo easy to use! The pads are already saturated with the toner – I apply after cleansing. Essential in preventing breakouts and reducing pores! I have noticed a major increase lately and have been using these morning & night.


One of my favorite things to do! Throw it on while cleaning, watching tv, etc. (once to twice a week) – Makes such a huge difference in texture and clarity!

OR apply a cleansing balm as a treatment!


I might as well add in my favorite BODY WASH! I always keep a spare of THIS at home!



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