After another month’s influx of  products, I couldn’t wait to share these items with you! Some new finds & other great rediscoveries!


  • NATURAL RADIANT LONGWEAR FOUNDATION –  I did not expect to love this product as much as I do! I literally cannot put it down. Lightweight, natural, fade resistant – Everything that it claims to be! Have my sister hooked on this foundation as well!
  • CONTOUR STICK TRIO –  The creamiest contour stick on the market! Perfect for an easy nose contour – makes the hugest difference! The color is not too ashy or orange.. LOVE to apply to the contours of the cheeks, jawline, and bring warmth to the forehead.
  • FULL DRY VOLUME BLAST – I bought this on a whim and so glad I did! Adds incredible fullness and texture to the hair – Big, lasting results. Smells sooo good!! Never crunchy or heavy. You know how much I LOVE the dry shampoo.
  • TINT SKIN HYDRATING FOUNDATION –  A complexion game changer! If you have been looking for a tinted moisturizer / BB Cream but with a bit more coverage, you NEED this in your life! I have always been a full coverage girl until now. Extremely buildable – Evens out skin tone, smooths the skin, and conceals imperfections.
  • COUNTERSUN MINERAL SUNSCREEN MIST –  A safer mist, infused with California poppy  –  Shields from UVA, UVB and Blue Light (which can contribute to premature aging!)

    It uses a non-aerosol, air-powered technology that doesn’t use any chemicals when sprayed. It sprays on white just so you can see where it’s been applied and rubs in instantly. I’m OBSESSED.

  • SOFT MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK IN PARKER – One of my go-to lip colors, day and night! It’s opaque, long wearing, and doesn’t flake off. Easy to reapply / touch up.  I’ve mentioned this product before and cannot put it down. Additionally this lipstick is cruelty free and does not contain any questionable chemicals.
  • SUPREME GLOW MIST – I’ve pretty much used this all day, everyday since it arrived.  The finest rose water mist – My skin has never looked so radiant!
  • 24 HOUR SUPER BROW MATTE POMADE – I’m absolutely obsessed with this – This waterproof brow pomade is literally budge proof. Super easy to apply & excellent color range. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
  • TOUCH UP CONCEALER PEN – Buildable medium coverage concealer, perfect for touch ups on the go! Another product that has completely impressed me. I’ve actually taken some days off of my Tarte Tape Shape, which is huge! This is not nearly as full coverage as my holy grail concealers yet I LOVE the way it wears.

What has been your favorite beauty product this month? What are your thoughts?

Until next time –



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  1. What a lovely post! I enjoy reading about what other bloggers picked as their monthly favorites!


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